Other Services

CSAJ provides a host of other services for its clients and prospective clients. The following represents the services offered:

  • Preparation of job descriptions

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Employee Recognition Programs

  • Management audits of small businesses

  • Service Audits

  • Corporate Retreats on Team Building

  • Situation Analyses

  • Conduct of Employee Focus Groups

  • Conduct of Customer Focus Groups

  • Training needs surveys

  • Human Resource Audits

  • Development of Customer Satisfaction Standards

  • Preparation of Employment Guidelines for organizations

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Preparation of Orientation Manuals for organizations

  • Motivational speeches

  • Preparation of employee manuals for organizations

  • Establishment of HR departments for small to medium-size companies

  • Mystery Shopper Programs

  • Trainer-in-Residence Programs for organizations

  • Curriculum development of Customer Service courses for colleges, traditional universities and corporate universities

  • Keynote Speeches

  • The "Critical Friend" Program

  • Delivery of Certificate Programs in: Customer Service, Managing the Service Function, and People Management, in-house for organizations