Professional Certification Designations


In today's competitive environment exceptional customer service should be an integral part of the company's strategy and mission. In order to deliver on these goals, organization and individuals need to achieve and maintain superior levels of performance which means continuously improving and being better than the competition. Certification is an objective way of ensuring continuous development, and standardized global recognition in a competitive environment. Certification validates the knowledge, skills and expertise of the professional in the respective industry. 

Certification provides concrete markers of development and signals a commitment to the profession. Once certified, you use your designation to identify your professional status in the industry.

Customer Service Academy of Jamaica Limited (CSAJ), the benchmark for customer service training in Jamaica and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce the endorsement of seven of its Professional Certification Designations by the Institute of Leadership and Management. They are:

Customer Service Professional (CCSP) - #01

Customer Service Trainer (CCST) - #02

Customer Service Supervisor (CCSS) - #03

Customer Service Manager (CCSM) - #04

Customer Service Executive (CCSE) - #05

Master Trainer (CMT) - #06

First Line Manager (CFLM) - #07