About CSAJ


Customer Service Academy of Jamaica Limited (CSAJ) is the foremost customer service consultancy in Jamaica and a regional leader in the field. CSAJ is located in Kingston its clients include organizations in the financial services, hospitality, retail, and distribution sectors, and the public sector.


The Vision of Customer Service Academy of Jamaica Limited (CSAJ) is to be the leading-edge provider of customer service and related training solutions for our clients.


Customer Service Academy of Jamaica (CSAJ) is the preferred source of customer service and related training for smart companies and organizations, whose employees interface with customers. The company is seen by its many clients as a compelling place to do business with.


CSAJ is committed to meeting the training objectives of its clients in the area of customer service and related training. Our constant evaluation has allowed us the ability to design training products to respond to the evolving demands of our clients.

Our expertise is state-of-the-art. Perfectly poised to serve our clients better, our focus is regional, our position solid. Our posture today will allow us to compete at local and regional levels, collaborate with leading organizations as professional partners, and deliver a wider and deeper range of training products for our clients.


The Customer Service Academy of Jamaica (CSAJ) aims to be the preferred source of customer service training for all companies and organizations, whose employees interface with customers such as Hotels, Restaurants, Credit Unions, Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hardware, and Home Improvement Companies, Hospitals, Car Dealerships, Furniture, and Appliances Stores, Department Stores, Gas Stations, Manufacturing and Distribution Companies, Tour Operators, Attraction-Based Companies, and Airlines, among others.

Our purpose is to support the development, nationally and regionally, of best practices in customer service. To this end, CSAJ aims to help participants in its training program succeed in today's customer-driven world; and to ensure that companies and organizations maintain their competitive edge through the adoption of CSAJ's revolutionary Quality Advantage Program, which provides how they can deliver world-class customer service consistently.

We work in partnership with our clients to create bespoke consultancy, short courses, and learner-centered development. CSAJ draws on the expertise of a cadre of world-class trainers. Because of this, the company has been able to develop a suite of services that have the capacity and capability to ensure a sustainable service culture in client organizations.

The structures, level, pace, and timing of CSAJ's in-house programs are planned according to the needs of the individual organization. Open programs can be delivered in various locations in Jamaica and the region.

CSAJ's partnership approach is designed to deliver tangible business benefits to help establish "best practice" performance and prepare organizations for 21st-century survival.

CSAJ is committed to aggressively delivering cutting-edge, high-quality products, and being competitive in pricing and delivery of value.