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What Butch Stewart is saying about "Thirty-Three Strategies"  BOOK

In these challenging times, most of us need direction, or help on how to get the most out of life ... to be the best that we can be. Rapid change is all around us ... bombarding us with different signals. Some of these changes are positive... changes that, if challenged in the right way, will help us to mould our lives for a better today and tomorrow. The other changes ... the negative ones ... can militate against us achieving our goals for a more meaningful life, if we allow them to dictate our future.

Despite our efforts, most of us need advice on how to overcome our fears and realize that the key to a successful present and future lies within us. We are responsible for the life we eventually settle on. No matter how bewildering the rapid changes (for good or bad) are, we determine how we can use them to our advantage.

But we need help. How To Become A World-Class Individual: Thirty-Three Strategies For Success, written by Dr. Ben, is ideally positioned to provide us with that help. His powerful little book provides the anchor for anyone who wants to become a world-class individual. It points the way to personal achievement through the adoption of thirty-three simple but eminently achievable strategies.

Thirty-Three Strategies is a what-to-do and how-to-do-it guide to become a high self-esteem individual, an achiever ... a world-class individual living a meaningful life during his or her sojourn on Planet Earth.

Dr. Ben has had the foresight to write the companion Personal Workbook For The Thirty-Three Strategies To Becoming A World-Class Individual. This workbook provides readers of Thirty-Three Strategies with application activities that will sharpen their focus and encourage a deeper insight into the strategies outlined in the book.

I have no hesitation in recommending this outstanding work, written by Dr. Ben, to all the people of Jamaica, the Caribbean, and indeed the wider world. Buy Thirty-Three Strategies along with the Workbook; read the book; do the activities in the workbook; embrace the strategies; and you will be a better person. I guarantee it.

Butch Stewart,
Sandals and Beaches Resorts
April 2005