The Principles and Practices of Training #08


About The Programme
The Principles and Practices of Training (Train-the-Trainer) is a 5-day programme designed to hone the skills of trainers with 1-5 years experience as part-time or full-time trainers in private or public organizations. It is also for persons with no training background desirous of becoming trainers.

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of training issues of the 21st century
  • Know the benefits of training
  • Be familiar with adult learning principles
  • Be familiar with the training cycle
  • Be aware of the factors affecting the learning process
  • Know how to identify all training needs
  • Be able to plan conduct and evaluate training
  • Understand how to deal with pre-workshop jitters
  • Know how to deal with challenging personality types in the training room
  • Understand the role of training as a strategic function
  • Understand cost-benefit analysis of training
  • Know how to establish a training culture in the organization
  • Understand the role of the trainer as a communicator
  • Know how to seek management support for training

Course Methodology
Highly interactive workshop involving individual and group work, discussion, role-play, video/DVD presentation.

The final evaluation is a 90- minute training session conducted by each candidate.

What does the programme fee cover?
Fee includes course materials, evaluation session, and accredited certificate