Fundamentals of Exceptional Selling

When it comes to sales, we often use the word "professional" to describe an exceptional salesperson. “He approached it professionally.” Great salespersons ask great questions; have great product knowledge; give you guided advice; are not pushy, listen well, seek to understand, do homework, and make sensible recommendations. This workshop is about strategies, tactics, and techniques you need to understand and use to turn prospects into customers and customers into partners. This workshop is about you and the attitude and mindset, tactics, and techniques you must master to succeed at selling as a career. It is about the preparation, skill, and work it takes to make a sale and succeed with your customers.

What Will You Learn

  • The personality traits, characteristics, and habits of successful salespeople
  • Buyers view of unethical sales behavior
  • The effects of attitude on sales
  • How to deal with different buyer types
  • The impact of total listening on sales
  • Strategies for a winning presentation
  • The crucial importance of using your best voice when dealing with the customer
  • The power of words
  • A successful face-to-face sales formula
  • Impression management
  • A successful over-the-phone sales formula
  • How to build and enhance long-term relationships with customers
  • Using personal words to draw the customer into the conversation

Who Should Attend 

 Persons with selling experience; customer service professionals; as well as aspiring sales professionals. 


$70,000 JMD

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Fundamentals of Exceptional Selling
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