Communication Skills for Effective Management

Effective communication is essential to successful management, your capacity to develop effective interpersonal skills and your ability to communicate well are foundational building blocks for your professional success. At the end of this one-day workshop, you will (by applying the concepts and skills learned) be able to: enhance your leadership style by adopting a catalyst approach that mobilizes others to take action; enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication with others; meet people’s personal and practical needs and build their commitment to achieving critical business results; ensure that people – including you – get the feedback they need to perform to peak periods

What Will You Learn

  • The manager’s use of communication to persuade and influence
  • The core communication skill of esteem
  • Strategies for enhancing self-esteem
  • The core communication skill of empathy
  • The power of reflective listening
  • The core communication skill of sharing
  • The three components of sharing
  • The core communication skill of involvement
  • Guidelines for getting people involved in their own success
  • The core communication skill of support

Who Should Attend 

Managers and supervisors.


$45,000 JMD

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Communication Skills for Effective Management
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