Performance Appraisal and Disciplining

This two-day workshop will help you conduct better and more productive performance appraisals. It will also help you work more collaboratively with those you manage. By establishing and sticking to an organized structure, you’ll keep the process consistent and fair to all employees while protecting yourself and your company if legal challenges arise. The workshop is also designed to enhance your understanding of the disciplinary process and all its ramifications

What Will You Learn

  • Performance management cycle.
  • Why managers dislike performance appraisal
  • Why employees are discontented with performance appraisal.
  • Common rating errors to avoid to make appraisals more meaningful.
  • The appraisal cycle.
  • Reasons why managers don’t like to discipline
  • Objectives of discipline
  • Four-step discipline process
  • Termination

Who Should Attend 

 Managers and supervisors. 


$90,000 JMD

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Performance Appraisal and Disciplining
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