The Supervisor's Role in Customer Service Leadership

Competition in the service sector is greater than ever before, customers are becoming more demanding as the day goes by. When customers choose a particular organization these days, they do so not because they have to, but because they want to. Customers have many choices. The only way to attract them is to become known as a leader in the delivery of quality customer service. The only way to keep them is to deliver quality customer service consistently. 

The major objective of this workshop is to provide supervisors with the knowledge and skills for developing, promoting, and embedding a service culture in their organizations. It is designed to sensitize supervisors to the strategies that must be used in their role as "guardians" of the service encounter at the workplace; it is also designed to inculcate in supervisors the importance of management's commitment to the idea of quality customer service and appreciate the importance of constantly communicating this commitment to employees to ensure that they and their employees deliver, meet and exceed the expectations of customers every time.


What Will You Learn

  • A series of guidelines for promoting and maintaining a customer service culture.
  • Best practices in customer service to raise the service delivery.
  • Exercising role modeling behavior at the workplace.
  • A series of guidelines for helping supervise the service encounter at the workplace.
  • Creating total customer responsiveness at the workplace.
  • Drivers of customer loyalty.
  • The service triangle.
  • The supervisor as "driver" of customer service at the organization.

Who Should Attend 

Supervisors and senior service personnel. 


$70,000 JMD

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The Supervisor's Role in Customer Service Leadership
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