This is the best Customer Care program I’ve participated in. This program is so good and should be made available to all corporate and other institutions. Consideration can also be given to schools”

Claudine Spencer | NMIA Airports Ltd
February 27, 2019

I believe that this training should be extended to EVERY customer service organization in the country. It is the best customer service training I have received yet.

Shantall Haughton | NMIA Airports Ltd
February 27, 2019

Good day, I want to say a BIG thank you to the CEO and senior management team for selecting me to do the customer service training. I really appreciate your choice and am looking forward to impart the knowledge that I have gained to maintain and develop the company’s core values and expectations. I want to also express gratitude to the team and coordinator who also made the learning environment comfortable and conducive to learn. I am now better equipped to deal with both internal and external customers.  


Kaydian Thomas-Knight
Inventory / Purchasing Officer
Bert’s Auto Parts Ltd.

This was an excellent seminar! To illustrate how much I have learnt, in 2012 I did research work at the Masters level; my group thesis was on Organizational transformation and the individual research work was on Customer Service Strategy ... read hundreds of articles, dozens of books, spent months in data collection ... it was a good course from a UK based Business school. Yet, in one (1) day, I not only revisited some concepts encountered, but you know what??? I LEARNED SO MUCH ... and to think that some of the concepts that I thought were understood, they became so much clearer!!! As far as application is concerned, that is perhaps the best part, separate from the intellectual illumination, which by the way, is highly valued. There are so many ideas that can be implemented. Overall I will summarize it this way: The method of presentation was very effective, and the simple (easy to follow) approach was very effective”

Donovan A. Moore
Operations Manager – Clarendon

In the early 2000‘s we had determined that as part of a strategic differentiation from our competitors, we wanted to significantly improve the level of our customer service. It was important to us that our initiative not be a “fresh coat of paint” on the existing organizational walls and so we went to CSAJ to discuss our ideas and desires. 
The result was a bespoke system and customized material that we introduced to all staff from top to bottom and enrolled leaders from the entire organization in learning, delivering the training, setting new standards, and then incorporating this into delivering service to our customers and business partners.  The results took a few months to show, but gradually we started to get positive comments, then testimonials and letters of praise. An unexpected side-benefit of this, but not to be taken for granted is the improved environment that satisfied people (both customers and staff) create - they become more productive, and more innovative which ends up in a win/win situation for customers and company.
We do not think that we could have accomplished the level of improvement that we did without CSAJ’s assistance, knowledge and interaction with our management and staff, and whole-heartedly recommend their work.  

Andrew Levy
Former Regional Director, Insurance Services

Customer Service Academy of Jamaica,
I would like to acknowledge your contribution to our success!

You can see from Leona’s e-mail to all JIIC staff that we won a GK Divisional prize for the best customer service for the second year in a row. We listened to your teachings and the team has taken the message to heart and executed well.

Thanks very much.


Andrew Levy
Former Managing Director
Jamaica International Insurance Co. Ltd.

"The Coaching and Mentoring workshop conducted by CSAJ was extremely beneficial to our Leadership team. The role plays really demonstrated that the team had grasped and understood the concepts and could apply same in simulation exercises, hence, confirming that transfer of learning had taken place. The participants had high praise for CSAJ's practical knowledge, application and presentation style. They gave positive feedback about the knowledge and skills learned and how experienced the trainer appear to be which was demonstrable in his presentation of the content. We are really excited about the expected improved outcomes in the area of Coaching and mentoring and hence greater productivity of our team members as these skills are employed on the job. This was a tremendous investment in our Human Capital." (2011)

Maria Morrison
Director, Human Capital & Organizational Development
GSB Credit Union
Kingston, Jamaica

"Customer Service Academy of Jamaica has excellent trainers of customer service principles and techniques. The trainers who came into our hospital to set up the Quality Advantage Program did a superb job. They led us through the various stages of development and implementation from conducting situational analysis, defining customer service goals and objectives, visioning, values and philosophy, development of performance standards, and the training of the staff. The sustainability of the Nuttall Quality Advantage Program is assured by CSAJ's training of our in-house trainers who have become the champions of customer service in the hospitals and have assumed responsibility for the program's success."(2003)

Bill Poinsett
Nuttall Memorial Hospital
Kingston, Jamaica

"We have tried numerous customer service programs in the subsidiaries of the retail and trading division of our company. They worked with varying degrees of success. However, when we approached Customer Service Academy of Jamaica Ltd, to provide us with a customer service program, they presented us with a new approach. This approach was systemic and it mandated involvement of senior management, middle managers, supervisors, and line staff. The results were remarkable! The Quality Advantage Program provides a methodology to improve standards that can measure the effectiveness of how well we deliver the services we provide. Moreover it becomes a philosophy by which all staff members are indoctrinated into a customer service focused orientation." (2004)

Mark Hosang
Senior Executive
Retail Trading Division,
Grace, Kennedy and Co. Ltd,
Kingston, Jamaica

"Globalization has forced many organizations, Lee's Fifth Avenue being no exception, to re-think its market position. Now, more than ever we are cognizant that customers want more than just goods and services. They want the added value, which comes from quality customer care. Lee's Fifth Avenue is a household name known for its exceptional customer care and top quality merchandi
Through the Quality Advantage Training offered by Customer Service Academy of Jamaica, we have been able to benchmark best practices of both local and international organizations. This has empowered employees to be more dynamic and proactive in resolving customer issues and offering quality service that exceeds customer expectations.

The benefits gained from the Quality Advantage Program are not only monetary, but it has resulted in further enhancing our brand image and raising the esteem of the staff, who are now better able to augment customer relations. " (2004)

Lorraine Dover
Branch Manager
and Training Coordinator,
Lee's Fifth Avenue Shoes,
Kingston, Jamaica

"The Quality Advantage training has been very effective. The staff of Grace Foods & Services are better able to recognize customer's needs and expectations in order to exceed them wherever possible. The training also emphasizes the importance of adhering to standards and policies, while at the same time employing a courteous approach; this directly impacts the image of the the company.
The Quality Advantage is quite enlightening, and definitely the way forward for any business and/or organization. The program has opened our eyes to being more focused on customer service, and the benefit it has for the company and its staff members. Quality Advantage has helped our employees to take on more of a leadership persona and to look more intently at the overall company objectives." (2004)

Michael Ranglin
General Manager
Grace Foods & Services Co.

"The recently concluded Customer Service Training, Achieving Success Through Service, conducted by CSAJ at Guardian Life, was exceptional, enlightening, comprehensive, and promoted individual and group participation. 

The involvement of the entire organization in the service culture training indicated a oneness of purpose, and the Train-the-Trainer course will provide the means to reinforce the programme on an ongoing basis. What gets measured gets done, so Customer Service is to become a priority item in appraising the performance of all employees.

The facilitator is a natural trainer who made participants relaxed, and this allowed for interactive sessions, which brought out the creativity among staff members. There were many varied activities to cement the learning and to ward off lethargy in the afternoon sessions. (2006)

Ruby Anderson
Training Manager
Guardian Life