How to Become a World-Class Individual: 33 Strategies for Success


ISBN : 976-610-700-9
Publisher: Customer Service Academy of Jamaica Limited
Format: Paper; 152-pp

How to Become a World-Class Individual: 33 Strategies for Success has been hailed as a very powerful little motivational book. According to Butch Stewart, Chairman of the Sandals/ATL Group of Companies, Thirty-Three Strategies provides the anchor for everyone who wants to become a world-class individual. It is a what-to-do and how-to-do-it guide to becoming a high self-esteem individual, an achiever ... ".

The companion How to Become a World-Class Individual: 33 Strategies for Success Workbook provides readers of Thirty-Three Strategies with application activities that will sharpen their focus and encourage a deeper insight into the strategies outlined in the book.

This 152-page book consists of thirty-three strategies:

Strategy 1: Develop the attitude of gratitude

Strategy 2: Think positive all the time

Strategy 3: Never give up

Strategy 4: Know when to keep silent

Strategy 5: Develop a sense of humor

Strategy 6: Never stop smiling

Strategy 7: Follow Mother Theresa's advice

Strategy 8: Take risks

Strategy 9: Don't be afraid to fail

Strategy 10: Work hard

Strategy 11: Never take your job for granted

Strategy 12: Hone your people skills to perfection

Strategy 13: Develop your political skills

Strategy 14: Focus on the bottom line

Strategy 15: Develop your assertiveness skills

Strategy 16: Embrace professionalism

Strategy 17: Develop a passion for providing service to others

Strategy 18: Know yourself

Strategy 19: Design a good life

Strategy 20: Appreciate yourself

Strategy 21: Ask for forgiveness and forgive others

Strategy 22: Appreciate others

Strategy 23: Apply the 12 simple rules in all your dealings with people

Strategy 24: Read the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Strategy 25: Embrace the power of silence

Strategy 26: Embrace the power of visualization

Strategy 27: Never stop learning

Strategy 28: Live your dreams

Strategy 29: Master the art of listening to others

Strategy 30: Develop an enviable maturity

Strategy 31: Document extraordinary results you have achieved

Strategy 32: Accentuate the positive

Strategy 33: Read the Ten Rules for a Good Day every day