Managing the Service Function

ISBN : 976-610-702-5
Publisher : Customer Service Academy of Jamaica Limited
Format : Paper; 162-pp

Managing the Service Function is written especially for managers and supervisors who have an important function to perform on the job daily - that of managing and supervising the service function at the workplace. The book is also written for tertiary, business and hospitality students.

Managing the Service Function provides important information on the need for a common vision, shared across the organization, of customer behaviour, expectations and perceptions; employee behaviour, expectations, and perceptions; the role of motivation and reward; and the role of service standards in ensuring service consistency.

The book sets forth a series of guidelines for helping managers and supervisors to effectively manage the service function. It provides them with the tools, techniques and methodologies to systematically raise the level of service in their organization.

This 162-page book consists of nine chapters:

Chapter 1: The characteristics of service

Chapter 2: The three components of strategic success

Chapter 3: Understanding service

Chapter 4: Strategies for creating a service culture in an organization

Chapter 5: How to keep the vision alive

Chapter 6: The purpose of service standards

Chapter 7: How to create value

Chapter 8: Managing the service encounter

Chapter 9: The use of feedback, recognition and rewards

Numerous exercises are to be found throughout the book.