Managing the Service Function

  • ISBN:976-610-702-5
  • Release Date: July 2005
  • Publisher: Customer Service Academy of Jamaica
  • Format: Paper; 154-pp
Managing the Service Function is written especially for managers and supervisors who have an important function to perform on the job daily - that of managing and supervising the service function at the workplace. The book is also written for tertiary, business, and hospitality students.

This 154-page book consists of nine chapters:


  • Chapter 1: The characteristics of service
  • Chapter 2: The three components of strategic success
  • Chapter 3: Understanding service
  • Chapter 4: Strategies for creating a service culture in an organization
  • Chapter 5: How to keep the vision alive
  • Chapter 6: The purpose of service standards
  • Chapter 7: How to create value
  • Chapter 8: Managing the service encounter
  • Chapter 9: The use of feedback, recognition, and rewards
  • Numerous exercises are to be found throughout the book.
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