The Workbook for Caribbean Security Professionals

  • Release Date: August 2013
  • Publisher: Customer Service Academy of Jamaica
  • Format: Paper; 149-Paper

The Workbook for Caribbean Security Professionals was developed for those security officers who seek the International Award for Security Personnel certification.

The Workbook is designed to accomplish the following two goals: to provide security professionals with a resource needed to succeed in examination and to serve as a reference guide after the certification has been achieved.

The Workbook is also ideal for security professionals who attend non-certification training conducted throughout the English-speaking Caribbean; as well as aspiring security professionals who attend training in security intending to seek a position in the fast-growing security industry.

This 149-page learner workbook covers four units:



  • Roles and Responsibilities of Security Personnel
  • The Role and Powers of Security Personnel in the Context of Cultural and Legal Requirements



  • The Requirements for Effective Patrolling
  • The Requirements for Controlling Access
  • The Requirements for Search Proceedings



  • The Requirements for Health and Safety at Work
  • Security and Emergency Systems and Procedures
  • Requirements for Dealing with Fire



  • Communication with Colleagues and Customers
  • The Requirements for Customer Care
  • Understanding and Resolving Conflicts
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